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You can participate in a subteam by being actively involved in a specific project or by shadowing, helping and learning from your peers.
You can apply to multiple teams and are encouraged to do so if you are undecided.
Following your submission, a team manager will be in contact with you via email soon.

Aerodynamics and Ergonomics

Managed by Nathan Whear
Works closely with Chassis team
Responsible for design and manufacture of fibreglass body work, carbon-fibre nosecone, and defining position of driver and car controls

Potential projects:
-Shifter handle design, CAD and manufacture
-Floor design and manufacture
-Seat design and manufacture
-Cockpit safety measures (harness, headrest, fireproofing)
-Bodywork manufacture​
-Research incorporation of paddle shifter into steering wheel​
-Helping manufacture the ergonomics jig​
-Design and manufacture of test rig to test 3D printed steering wheel to destruction​


Managed by Ignat Georgiev
Brand new subteam set to compete at the first driverless Formula Student competition.
Students will be tasked with developing software for a completely autonomous racing car. External data will be fed through a set of cameras, sonars and sensors. The design flow will revolve around artificial intelligence and machine learning, meaning that the vehicle has to adapt to the circumstances of the race track at any given moment and improve itself on the fly with only one goal in mind – speed.

Applications and more details will become available in October.
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-Gain real-life practical experience​
-Work in a large team​
-Learn about AI and machine learning
-Work with hardware – MCUs, sensors, telemetry
-Experience various design approaches and testing schemes
-Virtual simmulations


Managed by Shagun Gupta​
Responsible for fundraising through sponsorship, promotion of team via social media and other avenues, organisation of promotional events and preparation(and presentation!) of a business case for the car at competition in July

Potential projects:
-Strike sponsorship deals with companies​
-Prepare a business case and present it to industry professionals​
-Promote the team by organising events and via social media


Managed by Craig Martin​
Works closely with all other engineering subteams​
Responsible for design and manufacture of steel spaceframe chassis.

Potential projects:
-Assist in manufacture of chassis (lots of cutting and welding!)​
-Design torsional stiffness test rig to verify computer simulations​
-Work with other subteam members to design and manufacture mounts for a variety of things (eg. Engine, diff carrier, pedalbox, suspension etc)


Managed by Gregor Birrell​
Works closely with Engine and Bodywork/ergonomics teams​
Responsible for all electronic systems on the car, including; engine sensors, telemetry, data handling, power electronics, and dashboard

Potential projects:
-Telemetry including steering and suspension position, brake and tyre temp sensors, wheel speeds sensors ​
-Real-time wireless monitoring ​
-Steering wheel dashboard​
-Power distribution ​
-Heads-up display helmet ​
-Potential ecu programming and gear shifting


Managed by Owen Fisher​
Works closely with Chassis and Electronics teams​
Responsible for mechanical parts of the engine and it’s subsytems, as well as dynamometer testing of the engine and subsequent engine tuning/mapping.​
Also responsible for the car’s driveline; chain, sprockets, differential, and driveshafts.

Potential projects:
-Gear shifter
-Fuel tank
-Throttle control
-Driveshaft refinement
-Differential selection
-Differential tuning
-Diff mount redesign
-Engine mounts


Managed by Maurice Rahme​
Works closely with Powertrain and chassis teams​
Responsible for design and manufacture of all suspension components and wheel assemblies on the car

Potential projects:
-Brake rotor design​
-Front and rear wheel carrier/upright design​
-Front and rear hub design​
-Steering geometry design ​
-Simulink and MATLAB simulations