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Comprising of students from various cultural and academic backgrounds, Edinburgh University Formula Student comes together each year to construct a F1-style race car: a truly cutting-edge piece of automotive engineering! After the design and assembly process, we participate in prestigious international competitions with other university teams from around the world. Our team is composed of people from various disciplines – engineering, business, and marketing. We offer students to put their knowledge to practice, to be part of a model company and for some – to achieve a dream.

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4 weeks ago

The EUFS elves have been busy in the run-up to Christmas and just this morning the raw stock that will become our new chassis arrived from ProFormance Metals!

We have it on good authority that Craig Martin and his tight-knit chassis team cannot wait to get stuck into this lot after the Christmas break!

1 month ago

Christmas came early this year!!! Solvay Group sent us some Carbon Fibre Prepreg which will be used for next years nose cone and more... Stay tuned for more, exciting #NoseConeNews

1 month ago
First Dyno Run EUFS

Big day for our powertrain team lead Owen Fisher, who completed his first dyno run today using our self designed and built hydraulic dynamometer. For his final year MEng project Owen is developing the full system with control and instrumentation in order to provide a lasting test facility for the team. We will keep you posted on the progress.

2 months ago
Formula Trinity

Last week EUFS had the pleasure of hosting our first ever international visitors when our friends from the newly formed Formula Trinity team came to visit from Dublin.

After a quick presentation on our team's history, and a tour of the Mechanical lab and our 2017 car, the visit culminated in a joint social between the two teams, where great craic was had by all!

A special thanks to Arnie Sasnauskas, the Formula Trinity team principal, for reaching out to the team, and also to Andrew Brown and Chris Sturgeon for allowing the use of the mech lab for this event.

On Wednesday some of our members got to visit Edinburgh University Formula Student with Engineering Society Trinity College Dublin.

The team were very accommodating and provided our members which heaps of advice. Having started in 2014, EUFS are still fairly new to the formula student scene. We are thankful of them for allowing us to visit their facilities.

At the front are our Team Captain Arnie Sasnauskas and their Principal Conor Deery shaking hands.

Hopefully we will see them next summer at Silverstone! ๐Ÿ™‚

2 months ago
EUFS - CAD Workshop 6 - Drop in Session

This weeks session will be a chance for people to work on topics from the previous week

This weeks session will be a chance for people to work on topics from the previous week

2 months ago
Duns testing edit

It's Friday, that means it's the weekend and that means our team has plenty of free time to do racecar things!

Here's what the team got up to a few weekends ago when we took our car to Duns, for a testing and team-building session...

#weekend #racecar #brakebiasisimportant

2 months ago
EUFS - CAD Workshop 5 - Technical Drawings

An introduction to creating technical drawings

An introduction to creating technical drawings

2 months ago
Engsoc Edinburgh meets Dublin

Edinburgh meets Dublin!

Come along to Engsoc's night out with our friends from Trinity College Dublin ๐Ÿ™‚ EUFS will be showing them our facilities during the day and you're all invited to join us for the evening social!

See you there!

Get excited for another round at Frankensteins. This time engsoc from Dublin (@[184506721571090:274:Engineering Society Trinity College Dublin]) are going to join us!

We'll be gathering in Frankensteins' cellar on wednesday night at around 8pm for drinks and games (Beer pong! Flip Cup! You name it!!) before heading out to one of Edinburgh's best clubs.

As always, don't forget your Unilife card to get discounts at the bar ๐Ÿ˜‰

2 months ago
Edinburgh University Formula Student, Carbon Fibre Nose Cone Crash Testing

Guess what?! It's finally time for the next installment of #NoseConeNews!

After we returned from FSUK in July, a couple of our engineers spent the summer making some lighter weight prototypes of our carbon fibre nose cone/impact attenuator. The other week we took them down to the Cranfield Impact Centre and tested them on the same crash test rig as some of your favourite F1 teams. No prizes for guessing which one passed!

This season, one of our team members will be completing his MEng project using these results to see just how much more weight we can save, so stay tuned for the next #NoseConeNews!
#WeightSavings, #Sub250kg, #LighterThanHWRacing

Recently we took two prototype carbon fibre impact attenuators down to the Cranfield Impact Centre to verify their performance against the Formula Student re...

2 months ago

When we founded EUFS we did so with an innovative mindset, embracing the latest cutting-edge technology and strong engineering principles with one idea in mind - create the best racing car we can.

With that in mind, this year we are launching our Autonomous project. Students will be tasked with developing the software for a fully autonomous formula student car. With expertise in software engineering, computer vision, robotics and machine learning, we will be attempting to contribute to one of the 21st century's most futuristic ideas - autonomous vehicles.

If you are interested and would like to be part of this new challenge, you can read more about it and apply at http://eufs.co/autonomous_team

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